They are, as always, provocative and not talkative. They think that everything the world needs to know about them is in their lyrics. Very soon they will be very well known in the U.S.

Do you think you have a rival pop groups in russia?

What do you think about the group "Propoganda"?
Yulia: I don't know
Lena: Who are they?

If you were tv critics, what shows would you ban?
Yulia: I don't watch tv.
Lena: Everything should have a place on tv

Are you planning on getting married?
Yulia: That's a good idea
Lena: We'll think about it.

Don't you think that when you start recording in english and you become popular in the west you will loose fans in Russia?
Yulia: How come you think we're loosing them. We started working here, so we are Russian Artists, and will always be.
Lena: If we started to work in the west it doesn't mean that we will stop working in Russia. For Russia we will always be the same girls who love their fans.

What's your pet peeve?
Yulia: Lying, especially when people talk behind your back
Lena: Unjustice, any unjustice.

What do you belive in?
Yulia: In myself.
Lena: In love, fate, and god.

How come in english the group is called T.A.T.U. and what does it mean?
Yulia: It means teenagers against tobacco use

Lena: It looks better that way

What do you think is the most attractive thing about each other?
Yulai: Eyes
Lena: Everything

What do you think is bad taste?
Yulia: I don't now.
Lena: Bad taste is a bad attitude.

What do you guys get suprised about?
Yulia: Nothing
Lena: Twists in fate.

What is more important to you - sex or music?
Yulia: It's all important
Lena: Both if it is vital to us.

What do you think about drugs?
Yulia: We don't care for them
Lena: It's not something we think about.

What are you afraid of?
Tatu: nothing.

The first english disk of Yulia and Lena under the label Interscope (thier label mate is Eminem!) is planned to come out in october under the name T.A.T.U- 200 km/hr In The Wrong Way
Not a long time ago Tatu were in a popular American tv show called Trl. They were thrilled to see our russian girls.
Tatu's new russian album is going to be called Prostye Dvizhenya, and is going to come out "soon" say Yulia and Lena