Very popular to this day duet "Tatu" is Yulia Volkova (15 years) and Lena Katina (16). The duet was started a year ago. The name of their debut single "Ya soshla s uma (I wen't mad)" suited the whole "Tatu" thing perfectly: After the release of the song almost the whole country went mad! Not a long time ago their first ever press conference was in session, because of the soon release of their first CD (besides the original version, the CD alos included 4 remixes, and 2 videos for the song) and the opening of the official site. Furthermore, at the same time that the CD was released, it was also made available in the internet - the first time it ever happened in Russian show business.

Tell me please, do you have a profession?
Lena: I am a graduate student in a school of piano class.
Yulia: Me, too. And right now I am studying in the Gnesinskii institue on pop - singing.

And how do you like singing together?
Yulia: I like it.
Lena:When you think about it, we actually always wanted to sing together.

Could you play the piano or sing for us right now?
Yulia: This isn't a concert, but if you come to ours, you'll hear us.
Do your parents' jobs have any connections with show business?
Lena: My dad is a professional musician. My mom sells fashion trends.
Yulia: My dad is a teacher. I'm not sure what he teaches, though. My mom is a stylist.

Do they support you and belive you will become stars?
Yulia and Lena: Yes.

What do you think would happen if you had a rich dad like Alsou's (Alsou - 17 year old singer, father is in the oil business)?
Lena: I think that I would just have more money. I would still be doing the same thing I do know - sing!
Yulia: I would try everything out there!