I read an article where it said that Lena was attacked by a bunch of girls in the Russian Metro, and they Even stole her cell phone. Is that true? Do the "Tatyshki" even ride the Russian Metro and do they go to Macdonald's? (Natalia)

Actually, Yulia was the one who was attacked (but Lena's cell phone was stolen, too, at a Sting concert). They are now recommended not to be in such public places. But they still go to McDonald's.

How was the song Malchik - Gay written? Why didn't Russian radio stations play that song? (Stasya)

The Idea of the song was born very spontaneously . The title and theme were made by a girl who was Russian but lived in the U.S. The girl wrote an e mail with the catchy title and sent it to the official Russian Tatu site. Tatu's producers were interested, but not interested enough. They were writing and producing other and more important songs for Tatu's first Russian album at that time. They tried to make a catchy tune and catchy words, but didn't have much luck. Some of the version's were: "Ne kovboi, ne harlei. Malchik - Gei, Malchik - Gei. (Translation: Not a cowboy, not a bad boy,, Gay-Boy, Gay-Boy.)" and "Na podyshke moei Malchik - Gei, Malchik Gei. (Translation: On my pillow, Gay-Boy, Gay-Boy.)" But the difference was made by a girl named Anna Karsaseva from Himki (Just outside Moscow), who met with Tatu's producers through their official site, like many others non professional poets, who wanted to write the words to that song. Anna thought of :"Malchik - Gei, Malchik - Gei, byd so mnoi ponaglei, Ot styda ne krasnei." But even after that, the producers thought this song wasn't that great, and it was recorded last . Now "Malchik - Gei" is heard on every beach and club, and disqotec. Only from CD's and cassettes, though. Russian radio stations refused to fulfill requests for Malchik - Gei, because they don't want to "trash" the radio with such provocative songs. (After a while, they did play it though - Kat) But the producers of Tatu aren't giving up their fight - They are going to film the video for Malchik Gei, and try to get it on mtv. (I've never seen the video, did anyone? - Kat.)

The girls of Tatu became famous. Did that change the relationships between friends and family? (Oksana)

No, it's more like their friends changed their relationships with them. Some became extremely jealous, and went away. But the girls of Tatu don't have "star disease" yet. They still share their happiness with their friends and would help them in any danger. Did "Tatyshki" ever fight?, and if they did, how long were the fights? (Irina)

During this summer "Tatu" had big Europe tours. That meant endless moving from one city to the next. Everyone's tiredness and nervousness when you're 16 years old sometimes end up in serious nervous breakdowns- in result of one of them, the organizations of the concert tour in Krym (Russian city) even had to separate Yulia and Lena from one room to two rooms at opposite sides of the Hotel. The girls had a really big fight for the first time. No one knows the reason of their fight, not even the concert director, who was with them every single minute. It might have been because Yulia is very active and like to flirt, while Lena gets jealous and hurt very easily.

Is it true that Yulia has a boyfriend named Vitya?

No, and there never was. There are many male fans and friends, but no boyfriends.

What would Tatu do if someone made a joke about them?

If it was a good and smart joke, they would laugh.

Do the girls of Tatu have nicknames?

Yulia - Volk, Volchonok (baby wolf), Volchise (Big wolf). Lena - Kotenok (Kitten)

What do the parents of the girls think about their image and music, especially the video of "Ya soshla s yma" ?

Their parents find everything in the life of the girls interesting, and only ask for one thing : that they would be happy, and their dreams would come true. Some of these things are happening already - Yulia and Lena dreamed of not only being together, but also singing together after "Neposedi"

Would the poems of the girls of Tatu be used for the lyrics of the next album? Something would probably be used, but we really are waiting for lyrics from everybody and anybody, from people who actually want to write them. There is a contest at our official site - we are planning to write the second album together with the fans.

How come the phrase "200 po vsrechnoy, vmeste na vechno (translation : 200 on the wrong lane, together forever - Kat)" was taken out of "Nas ne dogonyat"? In that phrase everything is very critical., very sure. The girls of Tatu are very brave, they don't want problems to be hat "easy".

How can you tell the difference between the original book "Vse o Taty" and pirate versions (which are probably going to be many of them)? The book isn't out yet. So if you see anything like it , it is one of the pirate versions. The release of the book is now scheduled in autumn, probably October, because we have a big problem on our hands - all the big printing companies don't want to print it because they are afraid they are going to be charged with child pornography. We are trying to solve that problem right now.

Does the group Tatu like to travel? The girls love to tour, and have seen a lot of their home country now.

Do the girls of Tatu cry when the sing their song or get excited? Who gets the messages from the address of the pager that is written on the Tatu CD?

Lena, for instance, always faints. The first time it happened in the studio, when they were recording the chorus of "30 minut". At first the director of the group thought it was from the diet that Lena was currently on. But she kept on fainting more and more, and after a while, it just became normal. Now Lena faints after almost every concert. Lena works really hard at the concerts, and her blood pressure goes up significantly. She is very romantic in nature, and takes everything very close to the heart, and even now gets really nervous before a concert. On the other hand, a concert makes Yulia more hyper than tired. After a concert she has trouble falling asleep, and usually only falls asleep around 6 in the morning, and always looks for someone to talk to because she wants some company, but Lena falls asleep very early. The pager who's address is 234-1818 is Yulia's and Lena's actual pager.