Message #1
A high voice of a man, it's their producer, Ivan Shapovalov…
Yulia, get up. (Silence). Elena, wake up. Yulia, we are flying to Sochi today. Girls, are you crazy? Get up or you'll sleep through your concert! You girls, it's time to get up! (Unexplained noises in the background) Lena, when you get up, don't eat anything sweet, got it? Yulia, make sure that she doesn't. Lena, remember the key word "diet?" (Waiting, silence) Hello? What's up with you guys?! Ok, I get it. I'm coming to get you guys up…

Female voice - the women is clearly upset. She speaks softly and takes a break after every word….
Elena, its Mama. Lena, stop hiding, I know you're there. (Angry) Lena, I said, pick up the phone! Yulia, I'll call your mom right now and tell her everything! (Yells) Lena!!! This is just rude! Fine, do whatever you want!

Woman's voice, very business - like, talks very fast.
Hello, I need to speak to Yulia. (Silence, probably thinking that Yulia will pick up the phone. Yulia, of course, doesn't.)Hello, Yulia. I am the manager of the contest of look alikes "Copy - 2002" Nateppa Vitalievna. I wanted to invite you on the final contest of "Autumn Copy", which will have on the 27 in club "Center" at 19:00. You are invited as the look alike of Laiza Minelli. Please, don't be late.

A teenage voice…
Yulia, you there? It's Mityai. Yul, pick up the phone, please? Yulia, let's go today to watch Bruce Willis, I already got the tickets. Yul, if you don't answer, I'll be offended. Yulia, I'll be home from school later, you'll call me , got it? And I'll call you. Yulia, I love you. Anyway. Yul, everything like it was before, got it? Later, Yulia.

Deep manly voice. It's Leonid, Director of the Concerts of "Tatu"
Now, Girls, if I EVER see those guys near your apartment again, I'm serious : I'll lock you up for a week, and keep the key. What were you thinking? You're supposed to have a different kind of fans! Older and richer. Your fans aren't supposed to be teen-agers! You're not in kindergarten!!! No, I'm going to end this. (Slams receiver)

The voice of a girl who's a little nervous… Talks very fast…
Hi Yulia, Hi Lena, it's your fan Ksysha, when I chat my name is Toosec. Do you remember me? I got an idea, if you go to the chat today, I'll get everything ready, and we'll read you the text of a new song we wrote yesterday. Anyways, go to the chat at about seven. Kisses, later, password is "symashedshie (crazy)"

Ok, Start! (The Sovetskii Soyuz hymn comes on. Plays ten times, then silence)

Low smoked - through manly voice
At first coughs into the phone, then says… Hello, Yulia and Lenochka! I' am the representative of the Gay and Lesbian nation in Russia. (Pause, coughing) My name is Evgeniya (girl's name). I wanted to make you say a speech on the topic of "Kids in a one sex family - problems and answers", but I can't get you! Yulenka, Lenochka, call me here's my number….

Voice of a man
Good evening, ladies! I'm going to put up posters that say "WANTED : Yulia and Lena, Applon studio is looking for them". We're not going to post them up just yet, but we are going to have a meeting. Wanted to talk with you and your producers about your album. Anyways, your call - our reflex. Ladies, come one! Be happy!

Low voice of man, sounds like croaking…
Today I will eat out your eyes and drink your juice. I will burn you up and cut you into little pieces. I will be waiting today at your apartment. My sweet little ones! How I want for you to shake with terror!