Everyone knows that the girls from "Tatu" don't love each other. Not a long time ago it leaked out that one of the girls - 16 year old Yulia Volkova (the dark haired one) fell in love with the leader of the group "140 beats per minute" Evgenii Krypnik. They met in Gnesinskii University (where, by the way, Yulia still goes to school in the class of popular culture/ jazz)and fell in love at first sight. People say, that on one of Yulia's presentations, in front of everyone kissed Zhenya on the lips, and gave him a locket on a golden chain. They are really scared to tell anyone about the relationship, because the producers of Tatu think that relationships with boys seriously destroy the group's reputation.

Commentary of the producer Ivan Shapovalov:
Right now the girls are under serious stress and constant watch from the media, and I think that not even one single thing they do is not commented in the press. Especially if it relates to their relationships with people. Maybe Yulia did have something going on with the guy, maybe she just talked to him. As far as I know, no serious relationships with "140 beats" and the girls are in progress. And about all that talk that in the contract Tatu aren't allowed to meet with boys is a lie. They could love whoever they want.. They could do whatever they want with whoever they want, even with boys, even with girls, even with animals (joke!). On the popularity of the group it wont have any effect.