Tatu are working on another scandal

I feel very sorry for the girls. When they wanted to be pop-stars, they, probably, thought that their life would not be very easy, but still comfortable. But these two chicks got into the hands of a real terroristm who turned out to be even more brutal than Bari Alibasov, who actually gives them time to rest, Ivan thinks of them as marrionnettes. On the set of Tatu videos Ivan makes htem stand for hours under cold water, on top of a truck, and now makes them have sex and then terrorize everyone. Actually, maybe we won't even see the video, because the new video of "Tatu" for the song "30 Minutes" is a real candidate for the sign - off list on all music channels.

In the same lists are the song "Malchik - Gei", but if you saw today's hit list, you will find it on the 10th place. This situation is more than strange, because the easy going song, if you follow all the rules of show business, shouldn't be in any hit list, so the only place you would have to hear it from is their album, "Dvesti Po Vsrechnoi". Out of all the radiostations the only brave enough to play it was Hit - FM, but even there "Malchik Gei" gets weak rotations. All the other radiostations gave this song a boycott, and there is no video for it, because the shooting of it is currenlty stopped. The reason for the stop of the shooting, is, by the way, very reasonable - "We wanted the video "Malchik - Gei" to be a collage of portraits of many famous russiah homosexuals. We wanted everyone to be there: politics, musicians, businessmen, etc."- said the manager "ZD" of the group. (The girls are still not allowed to talk to the press). - But then we thought about it and figured out that we would get assasinated or something. If we used people that aren't Russian, or the Russia doesn't know, it would be totally o.k.- they would probably laugh. But with Russians everything is much more serious. The public is not ready for it, and the stars themselves aren't, too." But "Tatu"'s officials aren't letting their noses hang down - they say that a real hit can't be stopped by boycotts.

This brave prhase will be used soon when another Tatu song, which will probably be band, too. We are taling about the compostion "30 Minut", on which a video is being shot at the momen. The theme is clear: love, cheating, pain. However, the video itself is just crazy. Sex on a children's carousle in front of kids, assault, terrorism of everything - to put it all together a real NC-17. Mr. Shapovalov, who is the author of the videom said that he didn't want it to be this rough, but it's just how he sees the song itself. What we'll get in the end - no one knows. The author lcoked himself in the video room, doesn't let anyone in, and doesn't react to any pleads from the company which will release the video to make it a little softer, so it can be actually SHOW on t.v.