America has never seen anything like this!

The video for "All The Things She Said" had some parts filmed again, because the 1st version of the video did not "fit in" with the English version of the song., and the words in the songs don't match. So all the close - ups had to be re done. It wasn't very easy to re do it! Because the original video was shot two years ago, the girls looked much different than they do know. Before the making of the "new old video" Yulia had to get her hair styled and cut three time to get the "classic" boy cut, while Lena's hair was colored the same amount of time to make her a blond again. On the set was a make up and hair artists made sure that every detail in their clothing, make up, and hair completely matched the original video., So no one would tell that the video was reshot. The whole process of refilming the video wasn't very pleasant, either, One at a time, the girls went on the set and sang their verses under the freezing "rain", while the other was getting warm in their car nearby. After that, a few choruses were sang together, and then the famous kiss! When they were producing the video, new and old clips were put together, and now it's America's turn to question and ponder over "Are they really lesbians???"

But even we (Russians) were surprised with they saw the new scandalous video for the song "Prostye Dvizhenya (Simple Movements)". You have probably see it, so there is no point in describing the "movements" of Yulia. The senators of the GosDuma (Gosduma - like the office for U.S.) were very interested in the video, and all had different reactions. The leader of the party "Svoboda I narodovlastie" Victor Cherepkov, for instance, made a announcement that "One day, these two Russian women will find nice husbands╝"and after that said that the video should be shown in front of all Gosduma. Senator Andrei Wolf said that only on the 3rd minute of the video he finally figure out what the brunette (Yulia) was doing in the bathroom - "I thought she just fell asleep" says Andrei, but after he found out what Yulia was REALLY doing, he proposed that a law should be made excluding masturbation. On the other hand, another senator named Alexei Mitrafonov said that after what he saw , he takes back anything he said about Tatu before, and also promised that the law that there will be a law made that being gay, lesbian, or bisexual, is legal.

Not so long ago the duet "Tatu" came from the U.S. where the girls recorded the English versions of their hits "Ya soshla s uma" and "Prostye Dvizhenya". In two days Yulia and Lena gave over 10 interviews, did a photo session, and worked in the studio. In a short time their English album will come out in the U.S. and Japan. The name of the album is kept as a secret, but we know that the English version Of "Ya soshla s uma" will be called "All The Things She Said". The video for the song will come out on the American mtv any day now, This article also included lyrics of All The Things She Said and Ya Soshla S uma.